Light Excavating for Landscaping and Improvements in Durham, ME

Light Excavating Services for Various Types of Landscaping Projects

If you live in Falmouth, ME, Portland, ME, Cumberland, ME, and the surrounding areas you can depend on Yankee Yardworks for all your excavating needs. Take advantage of Yankee Yardworks’ excavating services for driveways, ponds, lot clearing, tree removal and many more types of projects. Do you need excavating services for your next project in Maine? Contact Yankee Yardworks at (207) 891-8249 for more information about our light excavating services and to schedule an appointment.

We Provide Services for Driveways, Drainage, and Fence Installation

For driveway installation we work with gravel, pavers, and driveway reclamation. Yankee Yardworks also provides excavating services for regrading, and we can help improve the drainage of water on your property. Are you interested in adding a fence to protect your property? Yankee Yardworks has many years of experience in installing PVC, cedar and chain link fences.

Trusted Excavating Services from Yankee Yardworks

  • Drainage, Regrading, Lot Clearing
  • Fence Installation: PVC, Cedar and Chain Link
  • Driveways Installation: Gravel, Pavers, and Driveway Reclamation

Yankee Yardworks Focuses on Each Project for the Best Result

Yankee Yardworks ensures we do every excavation project with high-quality workmanship by remaining involved in every step of every project. No matter the type of excavation project, Yankee Yardworks pays attention to even the small details. We also try to finish our work as efficiently as possible.

Yankee Yardworks is an experienced full-service firm that brings a level of professionalism to every project.

Other Great Landscaping Services We Offer Any Time of the Year


  • Stake all paved surfaces
  • Plow and Sand Walks
  • Snow Removal


  • Bypass prune of all perennials and shrubs
  • Weed, edge and mulch beds
  • Repair any winter damage


  • Fertilize
  • Grub infestation
  • Prune shrubbery


  • Removal of leaves from lawns and beds
  • Fertilize
  • Bypass perennials

Yankee Yardworks provides Southern Maine with professional light excavation services.